Monday, August 08, 2005

The Lord is at Work in Us... Our Profile

Philipose Vaidyar, Jessy Philipose
Joash, Japhia & Jerusha

Philipose Vaidyar & Jessy are committed to the less- privileged people groups of India through developmental research, alternative media and cost effective communication tools that will mobilize people to go and work for the total development of the people

Philipose Vaidyar got his early Christian teaching through a Sunday school started at his home and was saved at the age of 13 after listening to a testimony at his Church. During his college, he got exposures to studying Bible and missions through the EU (UESI) camps. His involvement in the EU helped him grow closer to God. Personal study of the Bible had influenced him to consider full time Christian ministry. After finishing Masters in Commerce, he got actively involved in ministry among university students in Kerala with the UESI. Confirming the Lord’ will he eventually joined Union Biblical Seminary, Pune and did his Bachelor of Divinity (B.D).

Philipose got married to Jessy in the year 1990. After completing the theological studies, Philipose and Jessy joined cross-cultural missionary training with IEM and worked on communication projects. Philipose was committed to visual communications and had been pursuing in the area of alternative media for missions with the desire of preparing mission mobilization tools. After five years of ministry he also did his Master of Theology (M.Th) in Communications from Tamil Nadu Theological Seminary and taught for three years in a reputed Bible seminary under the Senate of Serampore College. Philipose left teaching to focus more on writing and preparing profiles about the least known people groups in the country. He had helped several mission and Christian organisations in India with writing and media products and worked with India Missions Association (IMA) as manager for Research and Communications.

As a mission journalist and as a self-taught media producer, he had written stories of several unreached people groups and scripts for many Christian productions in different formats. He had been a creative writer, editor, and producer for the Christian press and a communication consultant for a few mission organizations. His cost-effective productions include three short videos, 35 mm slide presentations and a website. He had gained very good exposure and experience by visiting several mission fields in different parts of India. His creativity in graphics, designing and calligraphy is well known among his circles.

Philipose and Jessy have three children- a son and two daughters, Joash (17), Japhia (14) and Jerusha (8). The Vaidyar family moved from Hyderabad to Chennai in June 2006 to attend a special educational need Joash since this is not available elsewhere in the country at that cost.


Joash after leaving the normal schooling at class 6, passed his 10th and 12th through NIOS and is pursuing Bachelors (B.Sc) in Visual Communications. Japhia is doing her 10th and Jerush at class 3.

Philipose continues to assist missions in the country in different ways.

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